Many people are slowly beginning to understand silica gel

In the 19th century, many of our major industries used hardware, wood, plastic and rubber materials. Now it is different from before. Many people slowly began to understand silica gel and spread it in social life. People also slowly know about silica gel. However, many people still don't know. The development speed of silica gel products in China is amazing, As early as 2008, the number of silica gel products manufacturers in Guangdong reached about 500, which has been growing until now, and there are more in various regions of the country, not only in manufacturers, but now it is the Internet age. In China, when the most people surf the Internet every day, 800 million people are using the Internet, and the number of people searching silica gel products on the Internet every day will not be less than millions. It is conceivable. How fast is the spread of silica gel products? At present, the number of manufacturers of silica gel products in China is increasing (Shenzhen ketelli is the first batch engaged in the production of silica gel products), and the customer service and consumption are also increasing, which makes some silica gel products manufacturers more and more competitive for silica gel. Only by constantly making reasonable products for customers will they not be eliminated, Others don't think how much experience and high level you have. Having high-quality products is the last word!

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Is silica gel environmentally friendly?

Silica gel is a porous material with different particle sizes formed by proper dehydration of silicic acid gel. It has an open porous structure and can adsorb many substances. It is a good desiccant, adsorbent and catalyst carrier.

What is the role of silicone products and silicone rubber products

Silicone products can meet different needs in different fields. Everyone may know what silicone is and what material is made of silicone. But what is the main function of silicone? In our lives, silicone rubber is mainly used In what ways? At present, what kind of products are there in silicone products

Is the hardness of silicone hose related to the rubber mixing process

Silicone tubes require different hardness due to their different use requirements. For example, the hardness of food grade silicone hose is different from that of medical silicone hose. Some customers asked: for the same silicone hose formula, the hardness of the rubber produced by the open mixer is about 10 ° lower than that produced by the internal mixer. Is this caused by the way of rubber mixing?

What is the significance of secondary vulcanization of silica gel products?

When producing silica gel products, some products require secondary vulcanization, which is also called post vulcanization. Why do you do this? What's the point?

The silica gel tube industry is heavily dependent on resources. How to solve this problem?

Green development is at the forefront of energy conservation. In a long-term strategic sense, green development is profitable and harmless for the future development of the food grade hose industry. The food grade silicone hose industry is highly dependent on resources, and learning how to save resources is a key jumping point in the transformation of enterprises.

Personalized environmental protection silicone soft straw

Straws are often used in daily life. The traditional plastic straws have been listed in the plastic ban order in order to reduce plastic pollution. At present, the degradable straws of paper straws have become the stage products of.